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Sensational Southern


kappa kadalai stew

tapioca, black garbanzo, garlic, ginger and tomatoes in a mildly spiced coconut stew

eggplant ennagai

eggplant cooked in a spicy coconut, tamarind, peanut and sesame gravy

garlic & pearl onion kara kulambu

sauteed garlic pods and pearl onions cooked in a spicy tangy tamarind gravy

kaikari kurma

mixed vegetables simmered in a spicy coconut and garlic gravy


mixed vegetables simmered in a mild coconut and yogurt sauce

kovai mushroom masala

white mushrooms sauteed in special spices and cooked in a tomato onion garlic masala

Non Vegetarian

koli varuthakari

tender boneless chicken sauteed with black pepper onions and special southern spices

mysore koli

chicken cubes simmered in a spicy peanut, tamarind and sesame gravy

chettinad pepper chicken

chicken cubes simmered in a spicy coconut and black pepper gravy

garlic chicken kulambu

chicken meat and garlic pods simmered in a spicy tangy gravy

kerala chicken roast

chicken with bones simmered in a kerala style spicy masala

malabar mutton kurma

mutton simmered in a spicy coconut, onion and garlic gravy

mutton varuthakari

tender mutton sauteed with onions garlic curry leaves and southern indian spices

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