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Aahaar is nestled inside the beautiful city of Snoqualmie. Pristine surroundings and majestic mountains all around make it a breath taking location for our guests.  Aahaar serves multi-regional Indian food with a focus on Southern Indian cuisine particularly from the two southern most states in India, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.


Chef and owner, Ajay Panicker, hails from Tamil Nadu where he pursued Hotel Management and Catering Technology. He is a professionally trained chef who is adventurous, a menu day dreamer and a non cookbook reader. That said, he has a true passion for cooking and eating food ;) Over the years he has gained and put to use his treamendous knowledge of different cuisines, ingredients, spices and cooking techniques and the outcome is nothing short of phenomenal. 


Come dine at AAHAAR where it's always about INCREDIBLE INDIAN CUISINE and embark on one of the most authentic culinary jouneys with us!

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