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valaipoo vadai

fried banana flower and lentil patties

masala bread rolls

fried bread rolls stuffed with spiced potatoes and vegetables

caulifry (V)

spice batter fried cauliflower florets

spinach cashew pakoras

chickpea batter fried spinach cashew fritters

masala idli

lightly fried steam rice cake tossed with spiced lentil powder, onions, green chilies, garlic, served with coconut chutney

bullet idli

steamed rice cakes stuffed with a mildly spiced potato and onion masala

indian-style poached eggs

two poached eggs with vegetables and spices drizzled with a creamy curry sauce

amaravati chicken

batter fried chicken tossed in a spiced garlic sauce

curry wings

traditional chicken wings tossed in house special curry sauce

fried coconut prawns

fried coconut covered prawns lightly dusted with spices

eral varuval

chennai style fried spicy marinated prawns

nethili fry

fried spicy anchovies

poricha vanjaram

spicy fried king fish steak

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