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Meen Moilee

Indian cuisine is known for its large assortment of fish curries. It is a staple in most coastal areas where flavours, cooking techniques and local ingredients are as varied as the population!

And one such delicacy is Kerala’s very own meen moilee or fish moilee. This is a spicy fish and coconut dish of possible Portuguese or Indian origin. This fish stew is quite common in India, Malaysia, Singapore and even Europe and Central America. That’s right! It’s not just an Indian delicacy! During the times of the British Empire, it spread into other places of South-East Asia and Europe as well.

Meen Moilee, is a very popular dish in the state of Kerala. Meen means Fish in Malayalam and this recipe from coastal Kerala is a very lightly spiced coconut milk based stewed fish. This is a Syrian Christian inspired stew that originated in coastal Kerala couple of hundred years back.

And guess what? This dish has a very interesting and amusing history behind its origin! Many years back when Portugese came to the God’s own country, they were served an extremely spicy dish which was just too hot for them to handle. So, a local lady named Moily added coconut milk and made the dish palatable for the foreigners and that’s how the dish got its legend name of Meen (Fish) Moilee.

This dish uses only Coconut milk and the hotness is restricted to green chilli pepper, black pepper and ginger only, making it clear that it belongs to a different class and genera of cooking.

The delicious cuisine of Kerala is one of the main attractions now. Fish Moilee has its roots in the Western Coast, but surprisingly it’s quite different from rest of the Coastal recipes!

Sinfully tasty and totally addictive! Aahaar’s authentic Meen Moliee is a stew that will keep you coming back for more! So, are you ready to try this lip-smacking delicacy at Aahaar?

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