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10 Popular types of Indian roti’s

Who doesn’t love a soft steaming roti? Be it stuffed with potatoes or lentils, enjoyed as a wrap, or simply served with curry or dhal on the side to soak up all of the deliciousness!

For those of you who don’t know what a roti is, well…Roti is a popular Indian flat bread made in each and every household almost every single day usually the northern parts of the country.

Roti and rice being the two major staples in Indian cuisine, rice is largely consumed in south India, while roti’s are staple in the northern parts of India. Roti is nothing but the generic name of flat breads in India made from various flours.

There are many varieties of roti’s and each region has their own specialty. Here are some of the most popular types of roti’s that are not just lip smacking but healthy, nutritious and filling as well.

1. Akki roti Akki means rice and roti means flat bread. Akki roti is one of the staple breakfast in the state of Karnataka. These flatbreads are made with rice flour and a mix of vegetables and are best served with coconut chutney.

2. Rumali roti Rumali roti’s are made with wheat flour traditionally in the mughlai, hyderabadi and awadhi cuisine. The word rumal means handkerchief in hindi and the name rumali roti means handkerchief bread, as these roti’s are thin and easily foldable like a handkerchief.

3. Tandoori roti

Tandoori Roti is a very popular Indian flatbread traditionally made in tandoor - a round clay oven. Made of two flours including wheat flour and maida (all-purpose flour), Tandoori Roti’s are an all-time favorite for many.

4. Missi roti These flat breads are made with whole wheat flour, gram flour and spices. This type of roti is a north Indian speciality often made at homes this roti also has variation made with fenugreek leaves called methi missi roti.

5. Makki roti Makki roti is a flat bread made from corn meal, which is primarily consumed in the Punjab region of north India. It is usually called Makki di roti which means bread of maize in the Punjabi language.

6. Jowar roti These flat breads are made with sorghum flour, and are also called as jolada rotti in karnataka. Sorghum is a healthy millet native to India which is rich in antioxidants. jowar rotis are usually served with any vegetable gravy.

7. Ragi roti Ragi roti is a breakfast staple of the state of Karnataka. It is made of ragi flour/ finger millet and is known to be rich in nutrients and beneficial to those with diabetics.

8. Sabudana roti Sabudana roti is a type of savory roti made from tapioca pearls, mashed potatoes and crushed peanuts as main ingredients. These roti’s are usually made for religious fasting.

9. Bajra roti Bajra roti is a flat bread made from millet flour. These are very easy to make and make a good accompaniment to dal or any Indian vegetable based curry dish.

10. Gur ki roti Gur ki roti also known as jaggery roti or meethi roti are small and slightly thick flat breads made with jaggery and whole wheat flour, usually made in punjabi homes. These sweet roti’s taste best when smeared with ghee.

A simple culinary gem, these flatbreads are an integral part of traditional healthy Indian meals. Deceptive in their simplicity, this Indian cuisine is a must try at Aahaar for its complex balance of textures and flavors.

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