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10 Amazing health benefits of masala chai

Summer, spring, autumn or winter no matter what the season may be…. tea is a constant beverage for many people in India. Enjoying a cup of piping hot tea early in the day makes our morning bright and refreshing! Doesn’t it? Now, there are various types of teas that one can choose from, and each type of tea comes with plentiful benefits, but just the mention of masala chai is enough to soothe millions of chai-lovers after a hectic day or even amidst a morning rush!

While tea was made popular in India during the British era, over the decades, we've given a whole new makeover to this soothing beverage by adding our own spices, making a whole new concoction. The spices make for a delicious masala chai, and you can end up reaping on the many benefits as well! Here are some of its amazing health benefits:

  1. Anti-inflammatory: All the spices that make up a perfect cup of masala chai not only have health benefits individually but they work in coordination to help your body combat any inflammation. Especially ginger and clove, as they are great when it comes to reducing inflammation in the muscles of the body, and are also very potent painkillers.

  2. Beats fatigue: A hot cup of masala chai is the best thing after a long tiring day. The combination of spices combined with a stimulant like tea acts as the best way to drive away fatigue.

  3. Improves digestion: tea on its own is highly acidic in nature but when you add spices like clove, ginger cardamom, cinnamon and basil, it becomes a great digestive and in fact cuts out the acidic nature of the tea. Also, the ginger, clove and cardamom help improve digestion by increasing the amount of saliva produced.

  4. Fights cold and flu: masala chai strengthens the immune system and keeps common infections at bay. Infused with the goodness of all the antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic properties, the immunity boosting effects of clove, cinnamon, cardamom and ginger make masala chai a great way to keep coughs and colds at bay.

  5. Boosts metabolism: drinking masala chai ensures your entire digestive system is in top condition, as tea is known as a heat generating food and along with the spices therefore helps speed up your metabolism.

  6. Good for your heart: Black tea, one of the main constituents of masala chai is known for its strong anti-oxidant properties. Apart from that, spices like clove and cardamom also help lower the amount of bad cholesterol and improves the amount of good cholesterol. Thereby, regulating one’s heart rate and blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels.

  7. Alleviates Nausea: masala chai has ginger in it which is well known for its ability to reduce nausea and has been used to treat common ailments such as seasickness or nausea during pregnancy. The compounds in ginger have anti-inflammatory properties that work to soothe an upset stomach and also alleviate stomach pain associated with nausea.

  8. Prevents diabetes: Clove, cinnamon and cardamom are all known to help prevent diabetes by increasing the insulin sensitivity in the body and lowering one’s blood sugar levels.

  9. Relieves PMS: Masala chai not only has agents that can help calm your nerves and make you happier, but it also has muscle relaxing properties. Cardamom, clove and cinnamon all act as potent painkillers and can help deal with the pain of periods.

10. Prevents Bloating: The compounds in masala tea aid in digestion, preventing excess air or water from being dragged into the stomach. This reduces bloating or gassiness.

Thanks to spices such as cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and cloves, you not only get a great-tasting beverage, but one that offers an immense amount of health potential.

With a robust flavor and powerful ingredients, masala chai is a great way to start your day, letting the aromas invigorate your senses and reap the benefits of the healthy beverage. So settle in, drink masala chai at Aahaar and remember: It's always tea time!

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