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A few delectable and interesting facts about Rasam

The word rasam means juice, essence or extract. Among the six tastes in food, rasam holds five of them hot, sour, sweet, salty and bitter. Considered as a comfort food in South India, this soup-like dish is tangy in flavour and with time has travelled pan India and even abroad. Though experimentation has revived the face of this dish globally, the essence lies in the magical power of this dish that not only satisfies the taste buds but also quietly protects the human body from various health issues. Come let’s find out a few interesting titbits about this delicacy.

Loaded with minerals: According to nutritionists, Rasam deserves its stature as a ‘balanced diet’ as abundant minerals like magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium & copper is in this humble bowl of goodness making it a mineral bank.

The origin of mulligatawny soup: Interestingly, mulligatawny soup, so popular abroad and a delicious staple on British pub menus today, is simply a variation of the basic pepper rasam with certain other embellishments like apple.

It comes in many varieties: There are at least 200 known varieties of Rasam, each with their own distinctive ingredients and flavours. From the more conventional lime and tomato rasam or ginger rasam to the more exotic, sweet and sour pineapple rasam, the list is almost never ending.

Aids in weight loss: all variations of Rasam, has the strong flavours of white and black pepper. This strong spice ensures the smooth metabolism by removing all sorts of toxins & thereby is effective in aiding weight loss.

Rejuvenates skin: Rasam is rich in antioxidants and regular consumption of Rasam protects the body against the attack of free radicals keeping the skin healthy, glowing and young.

Tribal twist: for tribals of certain regions rasam is a non-vegetarian curry which they prepare using crabs and small chicks, instead of using vegetables.

This easy-to-digest side dish is very simple and easy-to-make and absolutely comforting and delicious. Moreover, it has numerous health benefits that might attract you to explore this South Indian panacea at Aahaar.

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