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Fried coconut prawns

Cravings are a weird thing. These self-destructive compulsions clamber up from the bowels of human nature, despite our best efforts to suppress them. Well… you don’t have to anymore! The Fried coconut prawns are something to appease your inner cravings.

Fried coconut prawns | Aahaaronline

Imagine biting into a succulent fried prawn covered in light flavored coconut flakes…scrumptious isn’t it?

The basic appeal of coconut shrimp is the balancing of briny shellfish with crunchy sweet-nutty coconut and frying the whole thing is undeniable! The shrimp are sweet and juicy, while the coconut crust is crispy without being greasy.

This lip smacking dish is found to have evolved in Southeast Asia as did so many tropical foods, as a natural culmination of the bounty of crustaceans and coconuts found along the tropical coasts. Whatever its origin is, coconut shrimp can now be found from the shores of Campeche to the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean.

Coconut shrimp is now a mainstay from American bars to Chinese buffets. And they're popular enough that you'll find'em everywhere from Thai restaurants to Irish pubs as well.

This coconut shrimp recipe has four main ingredients and are all, Paleo and Keto friendly. It has great substitutes for ingredients like flour and breadcrumbs so you can easily indulge without the heavily processed ingredients. And the best part is that you’ll be amazed at the amount of flavor you get from such a healthy dish.

So… the next time you’re tempted to order it, you don’t have to doubt as coconut shrimp contains very less calories because shrimp is virtually fat-free by nature!

This restaurant favorite at Aahaar, coconut shrimp is sweet, crunchy and delicious. And we realize people adore the dish, as it is flavour packed and as the little crustaceans cook, the coconut becomes golden brown and develops a subtle nuttiness. The best part? You can enjoy these gems for just 196 calories and 5 grams of fat.

This Fried coconut prawn recipe is a fantastic appetizer that you must try at Aahaar, with crisp tendrils of dried coconut breading large juicy prawns. Dipped in some sweet and spicy orange chili sauce these shrimp are to die for! So…What are you waiting for? Come indulge healthy with us!

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