“Country Chicken” as a food and medicine in “Ayurveda”

We all are aware that the Ayurvedic way of eating makes one feel nourished and energized. Ayurveda believes that all disease begins in the digestive tract. Which is why food is considered the first medicine. By following a healthy diet that’s ideal for one’s body, one can experience optimal health.

country chicken

An Ayurvedic diet is tailored to one’s individual body type and imbalances. According to ayurveda foods that supplement ones specific body type’s needs makes one feel more satisfied because what they eat truly nourishes them.

But what many believe is that they will have to give up meat on their new path for wellbeing in Ayurveda. Which is not true at all! Ayurveda teaches us on using meat in a way that is beneficial for the health, and chicken is one of the meats highly mentioned.

Ayurveda states that organic chicken is an excellent choice to balance conditions of dryness giving the body proteins with a nourishing dose of oil. This is why chicken soup is the best comfort food when you are weak after a flu or cold.

The organic chicken meat according to Ayurveda increases virility, power, sweat production and even the quality of voice!

Be it dark meat chicken which has grounding properties or white meat chicken which has cooling properties, organic chicken meat has a natural sweetness which ideal for all body types.

Ayurveda suggests using bone-in chicken the most, as the juices from the bones, along with the spices adds an immense amount of flavor that maintains minerals for immunity and bone density. Which is why Stews and curries are more digestible and nutritious.

It is considered important in ayurveda to cook the meat with plenty of herbs and spices to aid digestion, and turmeric plays a very vital role in aiding the digestion of proteins.

In Ayurveda, no food is eliminated, all foods are welcome. It’s how often you eat certain foods that is important, along with how they are prepared.

#country chicken #healthychickencurry #chickenandayurveda

#countrychicken #healthychickencurry #chickenandayurveda

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