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Health benefits of probiotic foods

Probiotics are good bacteria’s that often occur naturally in fermented foods. They have the ability to improve gut health providing additional health benefits such as a boosted immune system and better digestion, both of which are very important for a healthy body.

Probiotics are readily available in many foods, such as curd, idly, dosa, dhokla, yogurt, buttermilk, kimchi, miso, pickles, kefir, sourdough bread and even aged cheese making it fairly simple to incorporate into your daily diet.

probiotic foods

Here are some of the many health benefits of probiotics:

Improves gut health:

Probiotics restore the natural balance of the gut bacteria providing a good gut health. It also treats gut related troubles such as diarrhea and gastroenteritis. Probiotics helps in maintaining a healthy, balanced gut by competing with pathogenic microorganisms and produce chemicals that kill pathogens.

Helps lower blood pressure:

Probiotics also help lower blood pressure by increasing vitamin D levels in the blood through their metabolic processes which in turn helps to prevent the increase of blood pressure.

Reduces severity of skin conditions and allergies:

Since probiotics help improve the gut health, skin conditions will also improve. Probiotics protect the skin from bacteria and parasites to provoke an immune reaction reducing the severity of eczema, rosacea and other skin issues in infants, children and adults.

Protects against harmful bacterial infections:

Probiotics can protect against infections by harmful bacteria. The probiotic microorganism will latch on to the gut and liver cells, creating a wall between microorganisms that can cause harmful infections from finding a place to attach.

Improves brain function:

Probiotics are very beneficial for brain functioning, improving mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression. Probiotics have special stress reducing qualities that can change the way the brain responds to different environments.

Helps reduce cholesterol and belly fat:

Some probiotics helps reduce cholesterol and help with belly fat reduction in a number of ways. They help you feel fuller for longer and burn more calories, storing less fat which helps reduce cholesterol and belly fat.

Although probiotic foods and supplements are available in the market in packaged form, aren’t natural food items that are rich in probiotic better than artificial supplements? A big yes! So, make probiotic foods a part of your diet to reap its benefits.

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